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Are you thinking of quitting your job?

Are you thinking of quitting your job?

July 31, 2021

The Artful Transition:

Things To Do When Leaving Your Job

During the pandemic, maybe you were one of the last people left standing on your team and took on the jobs of two or three other people, and you just can’t take it anymore. Maybe you just want to find a job you’re passionate about.

Whatever the case, in this near post-pandemic world we’re stepping into, The Wall Street Journal reported in June that people are leaving their jobs at the highest levels in two decades.

As you examine what a post-pandemic lifestyle looks like to you, you might be considering joining the ranks of people finding a job better suited to their skills or passions.

It’s important to leave your job in a tactful way so that you don’t burn bridges and are able to keep your network strong.

If you’re still weighing the decision, here’s a checklist to consider:

  • Make a list of the pros and cons
  • Determine quit dates and timeline for your exit
  • Write your letter of resignation
  • Set a meeting with your supervisor
  • Have meeting and turn in letter of resignation (remember to stay positive and express gratitude!)
  • Develop a transition plan and put together training/succession process documents
  • Determine pay and benefits logistics
  • Review your total compensation package, including your retirement, health insurance, etc.
  • Meet with your financial advisor to discuss those retirement accounts, benefits and any stock or equity options you may have
  • Write and ask for recommendations
  • Send a goodbye email
  • Remember not to speak ill of your former employer or colleagues in future conversations

We wish you a happy and artful transition! Let us know how we can help.